Wwii German Luger Worth

Wwii german luger worth

I have a WWII German Luger, with the original holster and I.

There are many Luger variants: prewar, Imperial German WWI, post-war Weimar Republic commercial and military, WWII military issue.

Wwii german luger pistol

World War II German infantry weapons; 7.65mm firearms; 9mm Parabellum firearms Luger Pistol used by the German Army in WWII and WWI. a. Back to WW2 WW2 German P08 Luger pistol leather holster - Excellent replica of WW2 German Luger (P08) pistol holster, full made of thick leather in black color, net. WWII German Luger byf41 for sale in category Luger Pistols offered by Hanover Shooters Supply: Up for sale is a WWII Vet bring back German Luger. Find best value and selection for your WWII German P 08 Luger Pistol Holster 1936 Excellent !! search on eBay. All steel Construction, copied from an original in the IMA collection.

Recently the first serious study on the Post World War II Luger has been published. This is my grandfather's German Luger that he picked up from the battlefield in WW2 from a dead Nazi. Georg Luger of the DWM Arms Company 2 in Germany developed this weapon, known. Find best value and selection for your WWII GERMAN HOLSTER FOR LUGER PISTOL search on eBay. Product Details Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces ( View. Since 1908 the Luger pistol has been an official German military side arm.

How much is a wwii german luger worth

My great uncle brought back a Luger from WWII. The pistol. Amazing as it may seem, the holster for the German Luger can be worth as much as $300.

What is the value of a P38 9MM German Luger gun with 2 clips and certificate dated 1945 plus holster from World War 2. If you enjoyed reading about "Price range for a German Luger (WWII)?" here in TheHighRoad. If its really worth something they might as well get the money and let the gun. Some German Luger's are worth more than others, depending on the. Best Answer: There are too many variables to tell you how much its worth is it a "bringback" ( no import marks).
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A mint condition German Luger pistol, dated

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